• My love of makeup began at an early age with a fascination of all things beauty related. My early childhood hobbies included sneaking into my mother’s bathroom to try out her latest M·A·C lipsticks and “borrowing” my older sister’s perfume when she wasn’t home.

    As a teenager, I struggled with acne scars and longed for a solution to cover them up. Although, my experimentation with makeup started out of necessity, it quickly turned into something much bigger. By high school, friends, family members and strangers constantly commented on my ability to pair and blend unlikely yet complementary colors together. While most girls stuck to their Clinique neutral compacts, I was applying lipstick to my eyelids and white shimmer eyeshadow to the inner part of my lips (hello ombre lipstick).

    Although life would eventually take me to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world and seemingly perfect setting to make my cosmetic dreams come to fruition, I decided to take a more traditional route and pursue a career in Event Marketing. It was only after meeting celebrity makeup artist and longtime idol, Sam Fine, that I knew it was time to leave my corporate 9-5 behind and pursue a career as a makeup artist.